External Consultant, a key player

In the context of complex projects, success often requires specialized expertise. That’s where external consultants come in. However, some people question their actual importance and the high hourly rates they charge.

1 - Specialized expertise: a valuable project asset

Their in-depth experience and knowledge in specific areas allow them to provide customized solutions and strategic advice. Their involvement is particularly valuable when the project requires specialized skills and a deep understanding of a specific sector or issue.

The examples below highlight the importance of the specialized expertise that consultants bring to different types of projects:

Project Management Consultant: Coordination of large-scale projects, activity supervision, budget and resource management.

Digital Marketing Consultant: Launching online marketing campaigns, expertise in online advertising, SEO, and social media.

Financial Consultant: Fundraising, financial restructuring, investment evaluation, financial modeling, sourcing funding.

Human Resources Management Consultant: Change management, recruitment, training, implementation of HR policies and procedures.

2 - Objectivity and external perspective: a critical view for informed decisions

Being emotionally uninvolved and unbiased by the company’s internal culture, consultants can assess the situation with a critical eye and identify underlying issues. Their objective contribution is often crucial for solving complex problems and making informed decisions.

Certain factors can influence their impartiality, such as:

Influence of the consultant’s own interests: Close relationships with certain suppliers or partners can affect the consultant’s objectivity, leading him or her to recommend solutions that are not perfectly suited to the company’s needs.

External Pressures: Consultants may face external pressures from clients seeking a specific conclusion or a recommendation favorable to their interests. In such situations, the consultant must focus on finding the best solution for the company, considering all relevant factors.

Lack of Experience or skills: Some consultants may lack the necessary experience or skills to provide objective expertise. Therefore, it’s crucial to select qualified consultants with solid experience and positive recommendations.

While most consultants are objective, it’s essential to ensure that their recommendations and advice are truly independent and in the best interest of the client company.

3 - Flexibility and experience: tailored to project needs

The flexibility associated with hiring an external resource allows for adjustments based on evolving requirements. This can help avoid long-term costs associated with hiring permanent staff. Moreover, consultants typically have diversified experience from working on various projects in different sectors. Their varied experiences enable them to offer innovative ideas and best practices.

The average daily rates applied by consultants can vary depending on project types:

Project Management Consulting: 600 – 1500 euros.

Marketing Consulting: 600 – 1500 euros.

Information Systems Consulting: 800 – 2000 euros.

Financial Consulting: 600 – 1500 euros.

Human Resources Consulting: 600 – 1500 euros.

These average daily rates are based on general estimates and can vary based on factors such as the consultant’s expertise, project complexity, engagement duration, geographic location, and market demand.

4 - Risk management and tangible results: accountability for concrete outcomes

By hiring a consultant, a company accepts a certain level of responsibility for achieving concrete results. Consultants are often contractually obligated to deliver specific deliverables within a given timeframes. They are therefore responsible for the results they achieve and must justify the value added of their contribution.

External consultants play an essential role in projects by bringing specialized expertise, an objective perspective, and valuable flexibility. Their hourly rates are justified by the value they add through their experience and tangible results. Working with qualified consultants is a worthwhile investment in achieving success in the digital sector and beyond.



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